Dear Editor: 

In Warren Hecht’s recent “For What Its Worth” article, he writes that he is stressed over the poor service of our local post office.

He writes that with the new administration starting on January 20, the post office should bring in new people. (I believe that Joe Biden has bigger problems to face.) Grace Meng should get involved. What Warren fails to realize is that post office workers never get fired. In their union contracts they have “no layoff provisions.” If it was operated by the private sector, instead of big government, they would be in favor of innovation as displayed by FedEx and profit millions instead of losing millions of dollars annually.

Sadly, no politician, whether Democrat or Republican, would start up with their local post office and jeopardize votes.

 Michael Rollhaus

Dear Editor:

 After reading Rabbi Schonfeld’s summation of his father’s great qualities and what others have said in that regard, I’d like to add my own impressions, as well.

I was not a member of the shul when Rabbi Fabian was the rav, but as Rabbi Yoel knows, a few years back, I also had the privilege of a private conversation with him about my wish to be able to contribute to the community by getting more people involved in politics. Rabbi Schonfeld was surprisingly encouraging and didn’t consider what I was saying alien at all to the interests of the community. (About that, I believe that I have seen a definite increase in interest in civic and political affairs from the community over the last ten years or so.)

Having said that, I think Rabbi Yoel inherited his father’s trait of engaged and active leadership. To me, it is serendipitous that in the very article that Rabbi Yoel wrote about the need for achdus in am Yisrael, it occurred to me that he was taking on the mantle of bringing the Jewish communities together from all corners and reasonable paths of observance, towards being a big force to take on all those who work against us. I indeed felt that he was continuing the kind of network building and unifying our people the way his father is known to have done. Maybe Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld was niftar at a time that he thought his son could take over the task of peace-making and bridge-building.

May Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld indeed be zocheh to continue his father’s work and be humble and brave enough to hear the arguments and grievances of all the people who make up our larger community.

I feel that he has heard me over the years, and I hope that he continues to grow and push your way in ever bigger circles and spheres of influence.

May we all be inspired by Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld’s wisdom and courage.

 Abe Fuchs

Dear Editor:

 I would like to compliment and thank Mr. Hecht for this past week’s article about the post office. It was refreshing to see a story on something that affects us locally on a daily basis, as opposed to national political opinions, which we receive too much of via other media.

I look forward to more local issues discussed by Mr. Hecht.

  R. Ehrenpreiss

The following letter is satire.

Breaking: Biden Selects Dr. Pepper
To Lead Coronavirus Task Force

WASHINGTON, DC—NBC News reports that President-Elect Joe Biden has selected Dr. Pepper to lead his Coronavirus Task Force, replacing Dr. Fauci. The move reportedly came after much deliberation from members of Biden’s transition team.

“Dr. Pepper has an excellent reputation as being one of the foremost experts in his field,” Biden said in front of a packed crowd of about six and a half people. “He’s been serving our country faithfully since 1885, quenching our thirst for knowledge in an area that most people knew nothing about. He has about the same expertise in epidemiology as my wife does in medicine generally, so that says a lot about his experience.

“And he’s not just a doctor, by the way. He comes in different flavors too – son, father, and husband. He’s a natural for the job – none of that artificial garbage. So I think his accumulated experience over the course of his long career will definitely be an asset to the task force.”

Nancy Pelosi was just about to speak to the media about Biden’s selection, but her dentures suddenly fell out.

 Rafi Metz

Dear Editor:

 The election fraud is there for all to see. The anti-Trump governors and other officials changed the laws to allow massive mail-in ballots without proper verification. On Election Night, Trump was still ahead, so in many key swing states they stopped the counting and told everyone to leave. Then, in the middle of the night, suddenly Biden took the lead in every one of these few swing states. What happened?

The video in Georgia tells the story. The video shows that everyone was cleared out of the room and counting was stopped. The video then shows four people resuming the counting at one a.m. without observers present. In addition, it shows these people grabbing some ballots from suitcases that were under the tables and scanning them several times. Counting without observers violates the election rules and the law requires that the Georgia count be set aside.

In Wisconsin, there were many mail-in ballots that were counted contrary to law. In Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona, we find the same problems.

The bottom line, mail-in ballots were done to help steal the election. The law and the facts are on Trump’s side. However, SCOTUS has refused to hear the case because they fear for their lives and the lives of their families. Now, Georgia wants to do the same thing for the runoff Senate elections.

Chuck Schumer said that he would use this, chas v’shalom, to change (“destroy”) this country. Let us daven, give tz’dakah, and call elected officials (especially in Georgia), and donate to the campaigns of the Republicans.

I would also like to respond to a comment last week by one of your readers. He mentioned that Trump is very bad because The New York Times said so. I would like to remind your readers that The New York Times supported Hitler prior to the war and they also condemned Israel for “murdering” Eichmann. No Jewish person should read such a paper. The fact that they hate Trump means that Trump is a compliment.

 Martin Berkowitz