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S’farim Without Hashem’s Name

Question: May one throw out an old, worn-out sefer that does not have the name of Hashem written...

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Question: May a person whose parents are both still alive recite the Kaddish Yasom after Aleinu?

Short Answer: While really a son whose parents are still alive may recite this Kaddish if he knows for certain that his parents will not care, the minhag is that this Kaddish is never recited by such a son.

Question: May you use maaser k’safim funds to pay for your child’s wedding?

Short Answer: The Shach appears to rule that it is permitted to use maaser k’safim to pay for a child’s wedding. However, some Acharonim limit this ruling to a situation where the parent cannot otherwise afford the wedding, and some suggest that this ruling does not apply nowadays where parents are essentially “obligated” to pay for their child’s wedding.

Question: May one use maaser k’safim funds to purchase an aliyah to the Torah?

 Short Answer: Maaser k’safim funds can be used to purchase an aliyah if you intended to use maaser k’safim funds at the time of the purchase. There is a disagreement, however, whether the funds have to ultimately reach poor people or whether they can be used for shul upkeep. Regardless, some poskim only allow the purchaser to use maaser k’safim funds for the extra amount paid to outbid his friend.

Question: May a person deduct business expenses before giving maaser k’safim? May he offset profits with losses from a different transaction?

Short Answer: Most Acharonim allow business expense deductions before giving maaser k’safim. Many Acharonim also allow offsetting profits with losses so long as the transactions occurred in the same maaser year or before maaser was calculated.

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