We have previously completed the brachah of Ahavah Rabbah in our Tefilah Focus series. At this time, in connection with the Yom Tov of Shavuos, we are adding these thoughts, which did not appear in our initial segments.

HaRav Moshe Sternbuch related that Rav Chaim Brisker was asked once why they did not have a Musar seder in the Yeshiva of Volozhin. He responded that indeed there was a Musar seder in the Yeshiva. When we observed daily how the Netziv cried as he said the brachah of Ahavah Rabbah with such deep feeling and emotion, that was our Musar seder.

Contained in Ahavah Rabbah are the following core principles of our Torah-based lives and tefilos for our most important requests:

  1. Hashem’s love for us is greater than all other loves in our lives.
  2. The primacy and great importance of Torah in our lives

III. The Torah was given to us in the merit of bitachon and was given to us primarily so that we should place our reliance and trust only in Him.

IV. Hashem is our Father and King.

  • He wants us to achieve the ultimate success in life (a close and eternal connection with Him).
  • He knows what our true potential is, and He prods us compassionately and with love through life’s challenges and pain in order for us to realize our potential.
  • He can do anything and change any life circumstance when He deems it to be in our best interest.
  • He watches over every minute detail of our lives, and no creation can harm us unless it is His Will.

VI. Tefilah

  • We ask Hashem in this brachah to teach us Torah in the merit of our ancestors’ bitachon. We ask that He enlighten the eyes of our leaders and our own eyes through Torah.
  • We beg Hashem, our compassionate Father, to instill in us and our descendants understanding and clarity to learn, teach, observe, live, and uphold Torah – with love. The Chofetz Chaim advises us to daven to Hashem for our children in this brachah every day.
  • We ask Hashem to enable us to perform His mitzvos mindfully and with heart, and that all we do in life should emanate from our awareness and love of Hashem.
  • We ask that Hashem should break the yoke of the nations from our necks and lead us speedily to our land.
  • We affirm and internalize that Hashem’s love for us is eternal. He continues to choose us as His nation even today, with love.

There is so much more to be written about this brachah and about each bullet point we mentioned. We offer one final point about bitachon:

Bitachon is the highest level of emunah and the greatest display of love of Hashem. We all need constant and significant effort to grow in our bitachon. It will bring our ultimate redemption. The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation has answered the call as they have so often done in the past. I strongly urge all to get their just-released booklet on bitachon: “Hashem, I Long for Your Salvation.” It is a clear and to-the-point masterpiece on “How to Master Life’s Challenges with Emunah and Bitachon.” Copies can be obtained by emailing the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 845-352-3505. May we witness our ultimate redemption speedily in our days.


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