Mah rabu maasecha, Hashem; kulam b’chochmah asisa, mal’ah ha’aretz kinyanecha

 How great are Your works, Hashem; You make them all with wisdom, the world is full of Your possessions.

Ha’mei’ir la’aretz v’la’darim aleha b’rachamim, u’v’tuvo m’chadeish b’chol yom tamid maasei b’reishis.

 He Who illuminates the earth and those who dwell upon it, with compassion, and in His goodness renews daily, perpetually, the work of creation.

What was the purpose of Hashem performing all of the miracles of the Makos, k’rias Yam Suf, and the miracles at Har Sinai when the Torah was given? Hashem could have easily taken us out of Mitzrayim by just killing the Mitzriyim in any number of ways without the open miracles.

There is a short but very powerful pasuk we say each morning in Shacharis. Rav Efrem Goldberg, Senior Rabbi of the Boca Raton Synagogue, quoted a Kaf HaChayim, which said that if one says this pasuk 45 times, it is as if he said Amen 90 times. Some strive to respond Amen to 90 brachos daily. The Kaf HaChayim wrote that he personally recites this pasuk 45 times each morning in order to make sure he has fulfilled his 90-Amen goal. At the current time, since we are not able to go to shul, which is where the overwhelming majority of the 90 Amens would normally come from, reciting this pasuk 45 times would seem to provide a great opportunity for those who are careful to get their 90 Amens.