After tepidly denouncing President Donald Trump in a recent opinion column, longtime Queens Jewish Link writer Sergey Kadinsky earned himself an angry letter from reader Ahron Price. “Who does Kadinsky think he is? No president has embraced the Jewish community as tightly as Donald J. Trump. After everything that he had done for Sholom Rubashkin, the Jerusalem embassy, and how about that diplomatic wunderkind Jared Kushner, Jews should be voting Republican for the next hundred years!”

Not one to ignore an attack, Kadinsky responded that the president still has a long line of frum askanim requesting selfies for their Twitter profiles. “Based on my research, there are still 50 more self-proclaimed activists from Flatbush and another 20 from the Five Towns waiting in the cold on Pennsylvania Avenue to take their selfies with the president.”

“The White House provided us a cardboard cutout of adviser Stephen Miller,” said askanShuie Moskowitz. “But that’s only half the value of Jason Greenblatt, and less than a fifth of Ambassador David Friedman.

“We are freezing out here, but it was worth the two-second glance from the White House window by Ivanka Trump,” said Mushi Rosenblum.

“As you can see, until Trump takes a photo with each frum voter who elected him, he is not worthy of our everlasting support,” said Kadinsky.

By Sergey Kadinsky