Chazaq hosted its sixth distribution to a very special group of people in our community. Before Shavuos, we need to focus on who are transmitting our mesorah: our rebbeim and moros. They give their time, energy, and lives to our children, teaching them Torah with enthusiasm. On Tuesday evening, May 4, over 175 rebbeim and moros participated in the distribution.

The goal was to brighten up the lives of our children’s rebbeim and moros with a getting-ready-for-summer distribution. There were pictures of summer in the background. Donations included clothing and lots of household items, like special dishes and air fryers. In addition, each family received special bedding.

Robby Neuman imparted, “We have an obligation to all those moros and m’lamdim for the spiritual advancement of the children in Queens.” So far, more than 400 rebbeim and moros were helped with these clothing and household items giveaways, and this means thousands of children were helped, if you factor in the children from each of these families. “When you make another Jew happier, it’s Olam HaBa in Olam HaZeh.” He added, “Hashem’s gift to all of us is today. And the blessing of today is to take away the pain of a Jew.”

One of the children of the rebbeim shared, “I’m like a little kid. I actually am. I changed my outfit today and wore the new shirt I got from the distribution.”

Below are comments from some of the recipients about the distribution.

“This was such an amazing initiative. I always think about my students. Now, I could shop for my own family.”

“What a tremendous mitzvah helping the community!”

“The distribution was so helpful and helped me with a lot of things I needed.”

“The distribution has helped our household by giving out much-needed items that, because of COVID, are hard to get.”

Robby Neuman shared the incredible work of Chickens for Shabbos. “Chickens for Shabbos is an organization specializing in helping three categories of families: agunos, g’rushos, and m’lamdim. They help 300 families of m’lamdim and 110 families of agunos and g’rushos. They privately tutor 222 children of agunos and g’rushos, including both boys and girls. This translates into thousands of neshamos begging for help. This organization operates on zero overhead. There are no words to express our gratitude for your continued financial support. These neshamos that you help will be an advocate for you. This tz’dakah has one goal: to take away the pain of poverty and replace it with great memories.” They partner with Yad Eliezer.

Robby stated: “The educators of our children are our heroes. They are the frontline. Without them we are lost.”

Chazaq and Chickens for Shabbos are asking the community members of Queens to help perpetuate this worthy tz’dakah. You’ll get the z’chus to partner with Chazaq and Chickens for Shabbos.

Robby Neuman pleaded, “Help us to give Hashem a better, kinder world.” He noted how, whatever we do, Hashem pays us back measure for measure. You can donate at or

What a z’chus it would be for all of us if you would help us in this endeavor by donating to Chickens for, which will now be l’zeicher nishmas Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld zt”l, who was the founding partner of Chickens for Shabbos, the charity that operates with zero overhead.

By Susie Garber