HAFTR High School had the z’chus to welcome Rabbi David Lau, Chief Rabbi of Israel, on Friday, November 4, and hear his inspiring words of Torah. Students greeted Rabbi Lau with song and dance as they escorted him to the entrance of the high school. Surrounded by enthusiastic students who were eager to spend a few moments with him, Rabbi Lau made his way to the auditorium where the rest of the student body and faculty awaited his arrival.

After opening remarks from Rabbi Ira Wallach, Limudei Kodesh Coordinator at HAFTR High School, Rabbi Lau approached the podium to address the room. Each staff member and student sat in anticipation of what they would hear. Rabbi Lau shared an inspiring personal story to encourage and motivate HAFTR students to take advantage of their uniqueness through religious tradition. Rabbi Lau told students of his childhood rebbe, who instilled within him an appreciation of himself and the rabbinic dynasty he represents. Rabbi Lau emphasized the importance and value each person holds, and he reminded students that they are all part of a great dynasty, as well as the children of Avraham and Sarah.

Rabbi Lau also spoke about the week’s parshah, Lech L’cha, and taught an inspiring lesson that left everyone uplifted and reflective. Following the Rav’s words, students approached the podium to wish him a Shabbat Shalom. HAFTR High School was fortunate enough to have benefited from Rabbi Lau’s wise words; this was a truly memorable experience that will remain with all of us for years to come.

By Rachel Czeisler