On Sunday evening, July 14, a crowd gathered at the Beth Gavriel Center for an eye-opening shiur on dating with purpose, given by Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, renowned speaker, on behalf of Chazaq. Rabbi Rietti involved the audience as he began by asking people to share qualities they hope to find in their future spouse.

Rabbi Yossi Bensoussan spoke at Beth Gavriel on Tuesday evening, July 23. He shared a strong motivational speech on discovering your inner power. “Fear is the number one reason for every negative action we do,” he taught. Jealousy stems from fear. “If we cannot conquer fear, we cannot conquer anything.”

On Sunday, June 30, Rabbi David Ashear delivered a shiur at Torah Ohr of Great Neck on how to achieve emunah. He began by explaining that there are different types of emunah. One type is the belief that we can be saved at any second. That type is very important, because this is the type of emunah that will produce Mashiach. “If the only merit we have is hope for Hashem’s salvation, that will bring Mashiach.” After 120 years, you will be asked: Did you anticipate Mashiach? Did you anticipate that Hashem would save you in your current situation? Were you upbeat? Hopeful? To achieve that type of emunah, you need to learn about how Hashem saved others in your predicament. It gives us hope when we hear stories of Hashem saving someone when there seemed to be no way out. He then shared an incredible story about a boy living in Yerushalayim who needed a liver transplant to survive. The doctor told him to travel to Belgium. His time was running out and there was a long list of people ahead of him to receive a liver. He went to see his rabbi and asked, since it looked impossible, shouldn’t he just enjoy his last days at home with his family in Israel. The rabbi replied, “Never give up. You do yours and Hashem will do His. Never give up!”

The largest known public display of Torah thoughts on Shiv’ah Asar B’Tamuz took place right here in Queens, sponsored by Chazaq and Torah Anytime at the Agudath Israel of Kew Gardens Hills. Our community is fortunate to have Chazaq and Torah Anytime in our midst. Both of these organizations are constantly immersing our community and klal Yisrael in Torah and holiness.