Dear Editor:

 President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claim that our southern border is secure. Under the Biden administration, we are on track to reach a record five million people illegally crossing into our nation by the end of December 2022.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proudly claims that Canada is a sanctuary nation, welcoming all. Canada is facing both an aging nation and a labor shortage. His Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has said that Canada needs 1.45 million immigrants between 2023 to 2025 to deal with these growing challenges. Why not lend a helping hand to our neighbor to the north?

US Customs and Border Protection should offer to bus or fly many of those entering our country illegally to Canada ASAP. The rest should be sent directly to our own self-proclaimed sanctuary cities and states. They can back their words with concrete action: Step up and adopt your own fair share of illegal immigrants.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, New York


Dear Editor:

 I would like to respond to Warren Hecht’s article, “Democracy Is on the Ballot.” Warren’s statements are full of lies, and I will respond to them one at a time.

Lie #1: The candidate for the Nevada Secretary of State is a Nazi because he goes after George Soros (a Jew).

Response: George Soros masqueraded as a non-Jew during the Holocaust and aided the Nazis in confiscating Jewish property. In an interview, Soros said that he does not feel guilty about it. Soros supports Hamas and BDS. Soros also funds the candidates of many radicals and anti-Semites, such as AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar. Soros also funded the elections of many liberal DAs throughout the country. This has resulted in a major increase in criminal activity. The fact that Warren supports Soros is a bad reflection on him – not on the Nevada Secretary of State.

Lie #2: The Republican election deniers want to influence the next election to make sure their party wins.

Response: It is actually the Democrats who want to do this. The Democrats used mail-in ballots and drop boxes to help them win the 2020 election. These moves were made by Democrats against the wishes of their state legislatures, as required by law. According to former Democratic President Jimmy Carter, mail-in ballots and drop boxes are a recipe for fraud and should not be allowed. The Republicans want to eliminate these practices. That is a correct position to take.

Lie #3: Congressman Lee Zeldin is a Nazi because he compared the January 6 protests with the Black Lives Matter riots.

Response: Lee Zeldin stated that the Black Lives Matter riots took the lives of many police officers (some estimate as many as 50) and others. These rioters were armed with Molotov cocktails and other deadly weapons. Vice President Kamala Harris praised the rioters and paid the bail for these violent criminals. On January 6, the vast majority of protesters were peaceful. They went into the Capitol and took selfies of themselves after the Capitol Police removed the barricades and invited them in. Trump asked for extra security before the protest, and Nancy Pelosi refused. The only person killed on January 6 was Ashley Babbitt. She was an unarmed protester who was murdered by the Capitol Police. The Democrats have praised her murderer. A small group of rioters who did damage were led by Ray Epps who appeared on the scene on January 5 and started the riots long before Trump finished speaking. He was not arrested, and it is believed that he was working for the FBI. The FBI refused to deny reports that Ray Epps was working for them. The phony January 6 committee praised Ray Epps for his role in the January 6 riots. Zeldin was 100 percent correct for pointing out the massive double standard in the treatment of the Black Lives Matter protesters who were praised by the Democrats with the heavy-handed treatment of the January 6 protesters. To call Zeldin a Nazi is absurd.

Lie #3: The Republican Party is similar to the Nazi Party, and people who vote Republican are supporting Nazis.

Response: This is pure projection. The Democratic Party is similar to the Nazi Party. By supporting the Democratic Party, it is Warren who is supporting Nazis. The Democratic Party has weaponized the DOJ and the FBI to go after the political opponents of the Democrats. The FBI and the DOJ have ignored the crimes of Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden. The FBI and the DOJ have ignored the massive invasion of our border and the deadly fentanyl that is being brought into our country. Instead, they have altered documents and illegally obtained FISA warrants to spy on and prosecute Republicans. The DOJ and the FBI have been using January 6 to raid the houses of people who oppose the Democrats.

The Democrats support abortions in the ninth month, which is akin to infanticide. The Democrats are brainwashing five-year-old children with LGBT and Critical Race Theory. They have announced their intention to give young children sex-change operations without the consent of parents. The DOJ has ordered the FBI to investigate parents who oppose these heinous acts. The Democrats are now trying to go after the yeshivos. The Democrats are the ones acting like Nazis.

Nadler said it right: “We (the Democratic Party) don’t care about G-d or the Bible.” That is a true statement.

Eric Rubin


Dear Editor:

 Here’s a word to the wise: When listing your home (not necessarily in KGH), it’s not enough to mention the number of bedrooms in your home. You must have a Costco Room – a room devoted to the myriad of items that you have purchased and need to store.

If you don’t have a room devoted to Costco, you will have to cram your four kids into one tiny bedroom and devote the middle room to the following purchases: 24 rolls of paper towels, 12 boxes of tissues, 1,000 paper napkins, 600 paper plates, 500 cold cups and hot cups, 350 pieces of plastic flatware, two huge grape juice bottles, two tubs of mayonnaise, 500 Tylenol pills, aluminum foil sheets, diapers, etc. That’s just the beginning of the list.

Once we reach Costco, we can skip the fruit, vegetable, and milk sections, since unless you have a minimum of three immense refrigerators, you have no room for these products. Instead, we can proceed to the bakery section, where against all common sense and dietary restrictions, we (meaning I) buy those incredibly delicious and calorie-laden muffins (600 calories each), which go well with the 500-pod Paul Newman coffee.

Lest I forget, there are always the 100 stamps that the cashier urges you to buy. A couple of months ago, I ceded to her request and then regretted the $56 purchase, since I misplaced half of the stamps. While many of us go to Costco to save money, I find that although I give myself a $200 spending limit, I usually end up forking over more than $300 per visit.

I have to end this letter now, because I’m on my way to another fruitful trek to Costco to “save money” on my groceries.

 Debbie Horowitz


Dear Editor:

 Mr. Hecht is very lucky to be given a weekly opinion column in this paper. Not everyone has that opportunity. He should do his due diligence and back up anything he writes, like any other journalist. As such, it was very interesting that he included the attack on Paul Pelosi in last week’s column. US Attorney General Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of California, and the San Francisco District Attorney are all keeping as much evidence as possible from the public. In fact, no cameras were allowed in the courtroom during the accused’s arraignment. We don’t know all the facts yet and what the perpetrator wanted. In fact, NBC News had to pull a report on the attack, because it lacked journalistic standards.

When an officer discharges his weapon, there are screams from the rooftop to show the public the bodycam footage. Where is the outrage for the officers’ bodycam footage who responded to Mr. Pelosi’s 911 call? The house has surveillance cameras; why don’t they release the footage of how the perpetrator was able to enter the home? Why were cameras banned from the arraignment?

It seems awfully similar to another Democratic rally cry: “January 6.” Well, let’s see Nancy Pelosi’s text messages and emails leading up to January 6. As Speaker of the House of Representatives, I am sure she was consulted on securing the Capitol building. What did she know and when did she know it? We don’t have those answers yet. So, it appears that there is special treatment for those in powerful positions in this country – and not those who aren’t.

As for the violent rhetoric, when you call a President with the name “Hitler,” or make other references to his administration as “the Third Reich,” what do you expect the emotional response from the electorate to be? Nancy Pelosi and James Clyburn called federal agents protecting a courthouse in Portland, Oregon, “stormtroopers” during the summer riots of 2020. The list of Democrats who called Donald Trump an illegitimate president is long. It includes Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Jamie Raskin, Adam Schiff, and Sheila Jackson Lee. They are all high-ranking members of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, with Mrs. Clinton the exception. So, who’s calling for violence, Mr. Hecht? Why do the Democratic mayors and their DAs in the big cities of the country allow the violence to go unpunished? And why is it that conservatives are the only ones who go around denouncing violence on a regular basis?

 Shalom Markowitz


Dear Editor:

 While I certainly understand the desire to have opposing and perhaps even controversial viewpoints in your paper, I once again strongly protest the inclusion of Mr. Pecoraro’s letters in your paper. That his most recent letter reads straight out of the liberal mainstream media outlets (or for that matter, Mr. Hecht’s articles) isn’t the most disturbing issue. After all, he’s entitled to his opinions, even if he makes up his own facts to support them.

The problem is his anti-Torah positions, such as on abortion, that simply have no place in your paper. At the very least, you should edit out the parts that are clearly violations of halachah.

 Rabbi Oren Kagan
Cedarhurst, New York