Fleetwood Synagogue will kick-off its campaign to purchase a sefer Torah with a special guest.

Noted sofer Rabbi Yaakov Hoffman will provide a live demonstration of how one assesses the letters of a sefer Torah and how repairs are made. Rabbi Hoffman will be explaining the process of checking and correcting letters of aging s’farim in the kid-friendly event. Attendees will be actively engaged and take part in the hands-on exhibition.

In addition to the Torah demonstration, Rabbi Hoffman will be checking t’filin and mezuzos, for $75 and $7 respectively.

Fleetwood Synagogue, located in its historic building since 1958, is the last of four long-standing congregations remaining in the Mount Vernon area. Several of the shul’s sifrei Torah need repair work to maintain their usability, given the age of these s’farim and their deterioration. It was determined that a new sefer Torah was needed as part of the rotation for holidays and other days, where multiple Torahs are used.