“After my husband retired, although he continued being a maggid shiur in Talmud Yerushalmi, there was a large portion of his day that was unspoken for,” shares honoree Rabbi Yankel Herskovitz’s wife, Pesi. “It gives me great pleasure to see him have that focus and that interest - and the seforim all over his desk marked off for reference in preparing his Agra D’Pirka shiur. He has such an enjoyment and a zerizus to go and give the shiur and interact with the participants. He gets so much out of it. It’s just been wonderful to see this program take off; it’s a great enhancement for Baltimore.”

“A child of Holocaust survivors, I grew up on a farm in Lakewood in the 1950’s and observed a beautiful, fledgling world of Torah learning,” shares honoree Reb Meir Nussbaum’s wife, Sarah. “I am so proud to have returned to Lakewood 7 years ago to see my husband become a committed part of that learning world in which Agra D’Pirka is now an essential component.”

Honoree Reb Dovid Tanenbaum’s wife, Sandy, adds, “It’s a very heartwarming feeling for me to know that at this stage of my husband’s life, limud haTorah anchors his day. Agra D’Pirka has definitely facilitated a wonderful transition from a work schedule to a life totally focused on Torah learning.”