Eight students from the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls participated in the New York Youth Summit held at Berkeley College on Friday, April 5.

The New York Youth Summit is designed to give high school students the opportunity to do research and arts projects that deal with important issues which impact communities in the New York area and the country. At the annual conference, they work with top experts to develop solutions to many socio-medical, environmental and social issues. The SKA students were invited to the Summit as finalists after having conducted research throughout the year and submitting it to the Summit for review.

The attendees heard from Nir Eyal, a writer and frequent Ted Talk guest, who discussed the importance of focusing on what’s important and not being distracted from everything that goes on around us in this busy world. They were then divided into groups based on their topic of research and engaged in discussions about possible solutions to problems that teenagers face in those realms. The day concluded with a wrap up, lunch, and an awards ceremony.

Congratulations to SKA Seniors Sarah Rifka Khodadadian and Yehudit Mernia for taking part and to Sophomores Priva Halpert and Menucha Ross for coming in First Place in the Teen Criminal Justice Category for their paper entitled “An In-Depth Examination into Juvenile Delinquents within the United States Juvenile Justice System”; Juniors Racheli Kirschner and Atara Shtern for coming in First Place in the Mental Health, Self-Esteem and Well-Being Category for their research on “The Effect of Sabbath Observance on Adolescent Technology Dependence”; and Juniors Meira Steiner and Talia Ashville for coming in First Place in the Leadership Category for their research paper on “Confidence, Competition, and Co-educational Environments.”

Our thanks go to their adviser, Dr. David Friedman, for his guidance and support!