In Sefer T’hilim, perek 27, David HaMelech proclaims: “On Your account, says my heart, ‘Seek My Face’; Your Face, Hashem, I will seek.”

Seeking Hashem’s Face means, on one hand, looking for His hashgachah in your life, seeing the chesed that surrounds you, building your Torah knowledge, and doing mitzvos. It also includes learning and strengthening yourself in fundamental concepts of emunah and bitachon.

On the other hand, seeking Hashem’s Face means getting in touch with yourself and your cheilek Elokah mi’maal, the unique Divine Spark that resides in every Jew, as well as your personal tafkid in the world and the blocks that stand in the way of that tafkid.

When we do this, then we have the capacity to connect to Hashem in every instance or circumstance. And when we are connected to Hashem, that’s when we create a vessel, for Hashem to send us all the kinds of brachah that there are in the world.

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