In honor of Parshas B’reishis, the programming team organized a “back to the beginning” grade vs. grade activity called “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” Representatives from each grade were invited to compete and show off their knowledge of material taught in first through fifth grades, including English grammar, animals, and brachos! It was a really fun way to get into the spirit of the parshah, and to have some good old fun! Thank you to Mrs. Rebecca Teper for planning!

As an introduction to the second perek in Sefer Sh’mos, sophomore students in Ms. Leah Moskovich’s Chumash class were introduced to a concept taught by Dr. Yael Ziegler: identifying and understanding “type-scenes” in Tanach. A type-scene is a story that repeats itself multiple times in Tanach and is meant to highlight significant details of certain characters. The significance comes from the stories and details that deviate from the biblical storyline. After identifying two type-scenes, Moshe’s “Birth Story” and “Meeting a Spouse at a Well Story,” the class discussed how they compare to other similar scenes in Tanach and what the type-scenes teach about Moshe and his mission in leadership.