Following up on its initial item distribution event for Jewish school educators last month, Chickens for Shabbos and Chazaq organized a second event on the week of Thanksgiving to support the rebbeim and moros teaching at yeshivos and day schools in Queens.

“There were many people here, as it is right before Chanukah. Take 400 educators with 25 children in each class. That’s thousands of students,” said Chickens for Shabbos spokesman Robbie Neuman. “Happier rebbeim and moros benefit our children. They’re on the frontline of Judaism. Our goal is to make their lives easier.”

The event provided clothing, household items, appliances, and Chanukah toys to educators in need. Publicity and logistics were provided by Chazaq, with Congregation Ner Mordechai in Kew Gardens once again hosting the event, free of charge. Neuman said that the second item giveaway had 175 registered participants.

Founded in Kew Gardens Hills as the nonprofit with no overhead costs, Chicken for Shabbos initially supported families in Israel. The economic hardship experienced by many Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic resulted in a new mission, as well: supporting local educators.

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 By Sergey Kadinsky


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