A walk along Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills has become the right of passage for elected officials in the State and City of New York. This past Tuesday afternoon, June 21, Congress Member Tom Suozzi, a commonsense Democrat in the race for governor, visited the neighborhood. His tour began at the Met Council / Chazaq Lev Aharon Community Food Pantry, where Suozzi spoke to the neediest of our community to hear their concerns. “Everything I’ve done in my career has prepared me for the job of Governor of New York,” related Suozzi. “I have a heart for the people and the skills to do the job. While touring the pantry, Suozzi received a phone call informing him that The Jewish Press was formally endorsing his race for governor. I first met Rep. Suozzi at Assembly Member David Weprin’s kickoff event held in New York City earlier this year. It was then that he captivated an audience with his commonsense approach to leadership in New York State and announced his run for governor just days later.

Suozzi also met proprietors and customers at Shimon’s Pizza, Max and Mina’s Ice Cream, Sushi Kingdom, David’s Cleaners, Café Primavera, Meal Mart, Kandi Kastle, Gift World, First Central Savings Bank, and the VHQ. The Representative spoke of the need to fight crime much more strongly, spending considerable time with the workers at Sushi Kingdom, which had sustained a robbery earlier this week. Suozzi knew the Hebrew dialect quite well, often wishing passersby with “Shalom,” as well as responding with Chinese and Russian greetings. Suozzi pointed to his proven executive experience and reiterated his common-sense approach to fighting crime and making New York more affordable. Additionally, Suozzi pledged to reduce taxes, protect our environment, and assist troubled schools. While the Queens Jewish Link does not endorse candidates, we strive to bring forward those who understand our concerns. Primary elections are underway in the Democratic race against incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.