After a year-long delay, the Young Israel of Queens Valley held its virtual recognition dinner on Sunday evening, March 14, with Rabbi Shmuel Marcus, the officers, the dinner chairs, and the honorees present in the shul. The dinner chairman, Shelby Dua, successfully organized the event in accordance with safety measures, despite numerous COVID challenges.

As the Guests of Honor, Myron and Rochelle Zweihorn were honored for writing and coordinating 188 consecutive monthly shul calendars and the Women’s League’s Mishloach Manos Program. Myron was recognized for his longtime wide variety of essential services to the shul, while Rochelle was heralded by the Women’s League for her leadership, including serving in the past as president.

The Kiddush Committee members were also lauded for their Herculean efforts over many years in arranging all of the aspects of the shul kiddushim and the weekly, year-round s’udah sh’lishis. The following members of the Kiddush Committee were presented with the Hakaras HaTov Award: Zev Baker, Shmuel Baumser, Shelby Dua, Aaron Dua, Yedidya Hirshhorn, Binyamin Small, Moshe Verschleisser, and Michael Rollhaus. They are looking forward to getting back to the kitchen!

The shul recognized all of the honorees on a beautifully designed Scroll of Honor. “Dinner participants” listed on the Scroll picked up pre-cooked dinners, produced by Sharmel Caterers, at the shul earlier in the day and participated by watching all of the presentations on Zoom.

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