A familiar face in former District 30 City Council Member Elizabeth Crowley has reemerged in an attempt to unseat Queens Borough President Donovan Richards from his post. Crowley, who had the unwavering support of Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld and community activist David Reich one year ago in the special election for this race, has vowed to fight for Queens’ families and lead the borough’s comeback from COVID.

Crowley, a Queens native, made her bid for the Democratic June 22nd primary official on April 14 as she pledged to fight to ensure that Queens receives the services and funding that its families and businesses urgently need. She vowed to follow in her parents’ footsteps of community service and address rising crime, hate crimes, and threats to the borough’s schools. Crowley also shared an optimistic vision for a path to not just recover from the pandemic, but to emerge stronger than ever. “Our borough was facing crises on many fronts even prior to the pandemic,” she said. “The status quo isn’t enough. I will fight for the families of Queens. I have the experience to do so.” As Borough President, Crowley, a Glendale resident, would lead the largest expansion of public transit in recent history and offer free busing throughout the borough. She also hopes to assist tenants who have been struggling to make ends meet.

“I have lived my entire life in Queens, and I raised a family here as a single parent,” she said. “I know all of the neighborhoods in Queens, and I have always put the needs of Queens’ families first.”

When the final results from the June 23, 2020, special election were tallied, Crowley had come up short to Richards by 7%, 65,122 votes to 52,502 votes, while 55,527 votes went to other candidates. Richards later won his seat against Republican Joann Ariola with a lead of over 300,000. With eight weeks until election day, Crowley has her work cut out in her race against Richards and a progressive candidate, Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer.

 By Shabsie Saphirstein