This past Monday evening, October 25, members of Chaverim of Queens joined City Council Candidate Joann Ariola for a meet and greet. The members spent considerable time hearing about Ariola’s vision to overcome her Leftist contender. The members also shared details of their volunteer efforts throughout Queens and within the 32nd Council District.

Ariola is a longtime Queens civic leader, wife, mother, and grandmother, whose career has always been focused on forging positive relationships between her neighbors and government agencies to promote peace and public safety.

The gathering took place at the spacious outdoor garden at the home of Hillel and Ora Love and their children Eliyahu, Chaim, and Henoch, who have each been devoted to the Chaverim of Queens cause for many years.

“We live in City Council District 32. We have raised our family in this neighborhood, and we do not want to see our community in decline,” explained Hillel, a longstanding member of Hatzolah of Queens. “Electing Ariola means that we will preserve the quality of life and have someone fighting for our values.” Ora has contributed decades of service to the greater Queens community as a veteran mechaneches at Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens. Mrs. Love currently is the Director of their UPK early childhood programming.

Also in attendance was Shalom Zirkiev, a noted Forest Hills community activist who has hosted support events for Democratic Mayoral candidate Eric Adams and previously for Councilmember Eric Ulrich, a supporter of Ariola’s.

“As the climate of the City Council changes, we need to show support to the candidates who will be there for us and fight for our values during this crazy time,” said Zirkiev.

“As a former City Council candidate in the neighboring district, I can attest that this race is one of the most important elections that our city is currently facing,” observed Avigdor Cyperstein, Vice President of Chaverim of Queens. “The results of the ongoing General Election are going to be one of the most important tallies in the history of New York City. It is therefore imperative that everyone come out to vote for the people who are going to fight for and defend our values in the City Council. I believe that Joann is the right candidate at this time to lead us.”

Ilya Mayzel, a local community force, immigrated to New York from Russia roughly 27 years ago. Mayzel has seen the worst of government and over the years has been able to embrace a real democracy here in America. “Please do not kid yourself about this election,” Mayzel said. “This is not a competition of views and priorities, it is not about taxes or healthcare; this election is all about personal safety and selective justice. This election is about your safety, about your parents’ safety, about your children’s safety, and about the safety of your property.” Mayzel, who is often looked to for advice from Jewish residents of Kew Gardens and Richmond Hill, concluded, “When you cast a vote for Joann Ariola, you are choosing America. Choosing her opponent is a vote for Soviet Russia.”