On Sunday evening, December 19, Ethan Felder, a Forest Hills District Leader, held a holiday gathering in support of his candidacy for the New York State Assembly 28th District. Assembled at a Forest Hills business on Ascan Avenue, the event attracted over 50 enthusiasts for Felder.

“In this moment of social and economic inequality I have a plan to build power and voice for all who work for a living,” explained Felder, who has lived all his life in the area he hopes to represent. Felder built his career shying away from the insider class of professional office holders.

As a union labor lawyer at 32BJ SEIU, Felder has successfully fought for voting rights cases in Queens, always being a staunch advocate for the working- and middle-class communities – the essential workers we rely upon.

Being Jewish is central to Felder, who organized this summer’s Stand With Israel rally in Forest Hills with the Queens Jewish Community Council speaking out against anti-Semitism. As a youth, Felder was educated at Solomon Schechter Day School and Townsend Harris High School. Felder holds close his faith and firmly believes a happy community emerges when everyone is able to live, work, and raise one’s family with dignity.

But his passion for politics spans back to his days at Cornell University where Felder majored in government. Later, Felder earned both a doctorate in law and an MBA at Washington University.

Having been acknowledged by The New York Jewish Week’s 36 Under 36 this past summer, Felder has exemplified that he has a power vision to better our lives.

The seat is currently held by Assembly Member Andrew Hevesi who is seeking reelection. Hevesi was first elected to the position on May 10, 2005, and has consistently won reelection.

By Shabsie Saphirstein