Misaskim volunteers never rest. From assisting bereaving families to addressing the concerns of almanos and yesomim, the volunteers are always ready. Due to demand, the Queens and Great Neck division recently expanded into a new division exclusively for the Far Rockaway and Long Island region, coordinated by renown mechanech Rabbi Moshe Hamel. This past Sunday evening, the two divisions met up at the Bostoner Bais Medrash of Lawrence on Doughty Boulevard for a face-to-face with Misaskim founder Reb Yanky Meyer to discuss new opportunities as the organization pushes forward to make a larger impact on those families suffering.

To portray the effect that Misaskim volunteers make in the lives of the bereaved, Reb Yanky expressed, “The things that we are doing are indescribable. People do not begin to understand what we live through on a day-to-day basis at the office headquarters in Borough Park. In one instance, we brought shiv’ah chairs from one home to the house of the nifteres’ sister following her passing. The previous year we were with this same family for a brother’s passing.”

The attendees enjoyed a sushi and Chinese buffet as they interacted with one another, including an introduction to Mr. Dovie Jacob, the new head of volunteer services for Misaskim.