It is not every day that a tzadik leaves his quarters to venture into other cities. On Sunday evening, May 15, the Mosholu Rebbe of Boro Park joined the Five Towns and Far Rockaway community for a Pesach Sheini tish that emphasized achdus and reconnection, and exuded k’dushah.

It is widely known that those who were impure through contact with a meis, or were far away to participate in the korban Pesach on the 14th of Nisan, were afforded a second chance to fulfill the ritual on Pesach Sheini, one month later. This opportunity is unique and does not appear by other yamim tovim. Can you hear the shofar a month after Rosh HaShanah? How about shaking the lulav and esrog after Sukkos?

The dining room table at the Feder residence in Woodmere was adorned with the most elegant silver Judaica, befitting the holy Rebbe. As the tish progressed, adults and children from all backgrounds of the Orthodox Jewish faith looked on with awe as the Rebbe shared matzah, fish delicacies, drinks of l’chayim, and other traditional foods with attendees.

“The highlight was standing hand in hand, rejoicing in the sound of chasidishe niggunim,” said one youngster of the heart-warming experience. “It was living the ruach of the Pesach Seder table all over again,” commented another attendee.

The Rebbe was also available for private meetings, where apples were distributed to those who sought the Rebbe’s blessing and advice.

Pesach Sheini is a day filled with possibility and opportunity. We daven that the g’ulah will fast approach and that the day will be a cause for major celebration.

In my parents’ home, we have a longstanding custom to crack open the Chareidim matzah box one last time as a commemoration of the matzah that was eaten along with the sacrifice. It is also widely known that the last bits of matzah were consumed on the 14th of Iyar, capping the miracles of that period, and the manna began to fall the following day.

Pesach Sheini should not be taken lightly, as its existence emerged from those who fought to get a new attempt to fulfill their obligation of bringing the korban Pesach. May we all have a never-ending love for Hashem’s mitzvos and connecting on a deeper level with Him.

By Shabsie Saphirstein