MTA talmidim, rebbeim, and faculty enjoyed a fun-filled week of Purim celebrations! Organized by Dean of Student Life Rabbi Danny Konigsberg and Assistant Director of Student Activities Rabbi Sam Dratch, each day brought exciting events, including a candy cart that distributed sweet treats, Jersey Day, where talmidim showed off their favorite sports teams by dressing in team gear, and had fun playing grade-wide line-up, Anything But A Backpack Day, where talmidim came up with creative ways to carry around their things in anything but a backpack, Shiur Theme Dress-Up Day, where each shiur dressed up in a common theme, and a Purim Raffle benefiting Od Yosef Chai and the Meir Mishkoff z”l Mishloach Manos Campaign, started by MTA alumnus Eytan Mishkoff (’06) in memory of his father Meir a”h (’75), who ran a 20-year Purim campaign supplying mishloach manos to IDF soldiers and those living in Israel.

The celebrations continued at MTA on Purim night, where talmidim, rebbeim, and parents gathered together for an incredible Purim program, including learning, Megillah reading, break-fast, and unbelievable singing and dancing! Following a costume contest and Senior Purim Shpiel, they joined the YU Purim chagigah held at the Max Stern Athletic Center, where they sang and danced with YU roshei yeshiva and MTA alumni. Talmidim also enjoyed visiting their rebbeim at their homes on Purim day.