The Woodbourne Shul, Congregation Bnei Israel, Zichron Mordechai, attracts tens of thousands of mispallelim over the summer months. Congregants benefit from round-the-clock minyanim, but nothing surpasses the unbelievable achdus amongst all who pass through its sacred doors.

Under the leadership of HaGaon Rav Mordechai Jungreis shlita, more commonly known as the Nikolsburg Rebbe, Yidden young and old experience a divine level of hachnasas orchim, alongside the warmth and m’siras nefesh of the Rebbe. The shul is currently undergoing a further expansion and improving its current facilities with enhanced outdoor flooring where learning and davening regularly commence.

Earlier this year, Mendy Storch, in conjunction with Thank You Hashem Nation, released a single, “Every Yid’s a Big Tzadik,” inspired by the work of the Rebbe. The song highlights the Rebbe’s signature brachah of blessing a child from his keppelle to his fiselle. Rabbi Jungreis is a champion of hope and positivity for a generation that feels it can never live up to the standards of greatness from our past tzadikim. The Rebbe constantly reminds us that, just like Noach was a big tzadik during a very tough chapter of history, so too every Yid today is a big tzadik and can achieve walking in the ways of Hashem and being a light unto the world.

The Queens Jewish Link is honored to distribute hundreds of copies of our publication at this prestigious venue.

By QJL Staff