On Sunday, February 5, the Five Towns Jewish community was once again treated to an enjoyable night of high-class, elegant ambiance with an abundant assortment of premium gourmet kosher wines at the second Tirosh 2023 wine-tasting event, a joint venture of Even Shesiya Inc. and Spruce D’Vine.

Hundreds of Jews from around the New York and New Jersey region converged in Cedarhurst to experience and hear a full explanation of the best of the enormous kosher wine industry. The finest kosher wines from all over the world were sampled amid subtle background music on this fantastic evening.

The elegant taste and event planning experience of Rebbetzin Lisa Bechhofer of Even Shesiya Inc. took centerstage in coordination with Mrs. Beth Yudin of Premier Skirting as a breathtaking décor, including table plans and menu selection, fell into place. Wine producers and distributors offered hundreds of bottles of samples of their varieties and particularly flagship products included Allied, C&R, Happy Hearts, Touton, M&M, Park Street, Rashbi, Red Garden, Royal, Skurnik, Southern, The Rivers, and others. Talk about under-promise and over-deliver.

The wines were paired with sushi provided by Wok Tov, along with beautifully displayed poke bowls, vegetable platters, and fruit platters in honor of Tu BiSh’vat. The event was also graced by Mr. Brent Delman, aka “The Cheese Guy,” who brought many, many samples of his artisan and curated cheeses as well as his signature Italian crackers. Additionally, a modest singles event was held, and some matches have ensued! Rabbi Yochanan Meir Bechhofer, who conveys the Torah of Even Shesiya, conducted a special Tu BiSh’vat mystical fruit and wine seder and tied in the subject of invei ha’gefen b’invei ha’gefen to the subject of Tu BiSh’vat in his discourse.

Dr. Jerry Korman noted, “The Tirosh was beautiful, and such a great opportunity to sample some special kosher wines! Looking forward to next year!” Mr. Zvi Wilamowsky added, “The organizers were ingenious, triple-pairing: fine wines, gourmet cheeses, and spirited conversation – all for a wonderfully original, enjoyable Torah cause. Rabbi Bechhofer and the great crowd have become one of the most pleasant and fun annual Five Towns events.”

Adam Neustader and Fay Elefant of Spruce D’Vine used their connections to bring in an array of wine vendors with generous samples, they educated the pourers, and they directed this portion of the evening.

Mr. Ari Hirt articulated, “At a wine store, I regularly purchase four to five new wines per year, almost gambling with the hope of discovering that dark horse. Such a process is inherently built to fail. At the Tirosh wine event, we were able to sample over a hundred wines, many I would have never tried and discovered a handful of real hidden gems.”

Even Shesiya takes pride in the wonderful growing annual event. Those wishing to contribute to future events are urged to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Even Shesiyia Inc was founded by Rabbi Yochanan Bechhofer to explain and disseminate Torah philosophy – called the “Wine of Torah” – both in spoken and written forms. Hundreds of audios, videos, and essays on the Parshas HaShavua, and machashavah are available at www.evenshesiya.com.

 By Rebbetzin Lisa Bechhofer
 Photo Credits: Mrs. Esti Lamm of www.seethatphotobyesti.com