As 5780 ends, we turn the page

Past a year of extreme badness,

A summer of rage,

The newsfeed is constant – dire straits and dread;

Whom can we trust in all that’s being said?


Gaslighting is a form of mind control,

To cast doubt on the victim’s perception, the goal;

“Peaceful protests,” for instance, are anything but –

Cities looted, burned, and shut.

700 police officers injured in the first week alone,

Danger on our streets, rivaling a war zone!

New York lawyers passed out Molotov cocktails

To toss at cops, now targets to assail.


Pity, after we’ve come so far,

Now we’re back to: How we look is who we are!

I’m judged guilty for crimes I didn’t commit,

Because I’m white –

That’s racist, isn’t it?

The media encourages, rationalizes,

The “privileged” and law-abiding – criminalizes!


New York Times staffer Nikole Hannah Jones,

Writer of the “1619 Project,” makes no bones;

Would love the riots named after her fictional paper,

America is “irredeemably racist,” wrote this race-baiter!


Even more culpable

Are the Liberal elite,

Who never thought they’d feel the heat;

Called looting “recalibrated,” “redistribution,”

Urged defunding police as the riots’ solution.

How could they have known

The doctrines they preached?

Could put their own townhouses in peril’s reach?!


Democratic Mayors in Portland (Oregon), Pittsburgh,

Chicago, and St. Louis

Found safety at their abodes, tenuis,

When their luxury homes were facing attack,

Still refused federal aid to bring order back;

One hundred nights of violence in Portland, Oregon,

Yet, continued denial, that law and order is gone.


The Dems claim that this all is Trump’s doing,

Vigilantes and the right create the strife that’s ensuing;

Heaving deceit after deceit, 

When each false accusation meets with defeat.


The most ominous threats are not the mobs,

Although they destroy, murder and rob;

But the breakdown of the rule of law,

G-d forbid, could be our fatal flaw,

Where lives and property rights aren’t respected,

Cops so cowed, no one’s protected.

May we soon hear truth and reason,

For calm to end this evil season.


The Chasan Sofer saw it all coming:

A year of extreme badness,

And it has been mind-numbing!

But, hang on: 5781 will be phenomenal,

With blessing and goodness astronomical;

Our mission to pray, and to survive,

If we turn to Hashem and keep hope alive.


By Sharon Marcus