BACH Jewish Center Hosts Weekend Retreat in Partnership with Yachad and Yeshiva University

The BACH Jewish Center recently partnered with the Orthodox Union’s Yachad and Yeshiva University (YU) to host a Shabbaton filled with social, educational, and spiritual activities. The weekend retreat marks Yachad’s return to Long Beach in the post-COVID era and illustrates the BACH Jewish Center’s commitment to inclusion.

BACH community members, Yachad members along with their aides, and Yeshiva University students joined together for an uplifting Kabbalas Shabbos filled with ruach, followed by dinner and an oneg that provided both physical and spiritual sustenance. They were joined by the BACH’s Rabbi Benny Berlin, who shared special divrei Torah with participants.

“Judaism has and always will be a faith that has been grounded in communal activities,” said Rabbi Benny Berlin during Shabbos. “When Moshe Rabbeinu gave B’nei Yisrael the Torah, it specifies that he came down the mountain in order to address everyone together, so that klal Yisrael would be united in their moral and spiritual commitment to Hashem’s commandments. For far too long, due to the pandemic, we were not able to have Shabbos meals together, and we were not able to unite. Baruch Hashem, now we have the opportunity again to create the inclusive atmosphere that makes Shabbos special. Together – as the name suggests: b’Yachad – we can realize our full potential and follow in the ways the Torah intended.”

On Shabbos morning, the group participated in the BACH’s minyan, followed by a delicious lunch. Shabbos concluded with a musical Havdalah in the shul led by Rabbi Berlin and some of the musically talented congregants, with the YU students and Yachad participants singing and dancing along.