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Last Thursday night, Kew Gardens Hills resident Arthur Toporovsky was walking on Main Street on his way to a late minyan at Yeshiva Kesser Torah when two men violently attacked him. “I was walking along Main Street, about 11:05 or so, at the corner before Chabad, when I saw someone pass me on the right and suddenly felt a weight on my shoulder and then an arm go across my neck and a hand suddenly moving under my jawline,” he wrote on Facebook.

For more than four decades Rebbetzin Doris Feinstein had the honor to hear fascinating stories of self-discovery, most of which will never be known to the public. As a mentor to Jewish converts, she helps them navigate relationships with their family members, finding a Jewish community where they can feel at home, while maintaining the faith that brought them into the covenant of Avraham Avinu.

This year’s Queens Hatzolah Premier Men’s Event promised to be its biggest fundraiser yet, with a new venue, world renowned talent, and generous food servings. The recently opened TWA Hotel includes the original terminal, the hotel building behind it, and a restored Lockheed Constellation “Connie” plane transformed into a bar. Within the terminal are mannequins and antique cars from 1962, accompanied by Frank Sinatra songs of that period. “I flew TWA when I was in business. It was my primary airline,” said Shiu Reichmann, the Hatzolah coordinator who emceed the event. “We stood in front of the display board and watched for the flight numbers and cities. You had to be on time.”

The Roman Catholic Church has taken great strides in mending its relationship with the Jewish people over the past half century. It no longer actively seeks the conversion of Jews, it no longer blames the Jewish people for the death of its defining prophet, and it recognizes the Jewish people’s right to an independent homeland. Concerning its own flock, the church has adopted liberal views towards immigration, and abolishing the death penalty, while remaining firm in its opposition towards abortion and non-traditional relationships.

On Monday evening, August 12, following the Tish’ah B’Av fast, more than a thousand men are expected to sit in traffic on the Van Wyck Expressway, heading towards Kennedy Airport. They will pass by sign after sign listing one airline after another. Theirs has been defunct since 2001, but the internationally renowned TWA Terminal reopened last year as an event venue with a hotel, rooftop pool, and an airplane from 1958 serving as a cocktail lounge. This is where Queens Hatzolah will be holding this year’s Premier Men’s Event, headlined by superstar singer Avraham Fried and the Zemiros Choir.