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Philanthropic giant Eugen Gluck passed away on Monday night at the age of 92, sealing the book on a life of survival, financial success, and the development of Jewish communities. The Forest Hills resident is best known for his support of Bet El, the yishuv north of Jerusalem bolstered by Gluck’s ability to secure funding from thousands of individuals at annual dinners that brought some of the leading political figures from America and Israel.

At Emet Outreach, the summer months have been as exciting and vibrant as ever. Emet’s educators and students have strengthened their commitment to studying Torah and exploring Judaism. Here are a few highlights of Emet’s recent learning programs:

We all knew that this day would come. Man does not live forever, and nothing can stop the inevitable processes that are the end of us all. Even as in the middle of my writing of this hesped, my daughter Ashira gave birth, and once again brought to mind that “Dor holeich v’dor ba” – generations come and generations go, and the world goes on. Even the most alive, passionate, successful, and thriving people eventually go to the Olam HaEmes. The slow approach of the end has been apparent for years, as his strength and health deteriorated, and activities were slowed and curtailed, although his iron will made him continue as much as he could. Most of all, with the passing of his life partner Jean a”h, his magnificent life slowly approached closure. But it still seems unfathomable that Eugen Gluck, that larger-than-life towering personality, is no longer bein ha’chayim (amongst the living).

As the generation of Holocaust survivors ages on, we are bereft of heroes who withstood the worst time in our collective Jewish history and lived to role model the character, strength, and emunah that forged the renewal of our Jewish nation. This past week, klal Yisroel once again found itself at a loss as we mourn the p’tirah of an ishah chashuvah, Fran Laufer, aleha ha’shalom, who personified all of the ideals of an eishes chayil both in the personal and public arenas.