This past Tuesday, Rambam Mesivta’s Room 206 was given the honor of hosting the inaugural Classic Film Club screening of the 2019-2020 school year. The club generally meets several times a year to watch a classic film, oftentimes ones on the American Film Institute’s “Top 100 Films” list. The movie screened on Tuesday was Tim Burton’s modern classic film, Edward Scissorhands, starring Johnny Depp in the title role. While the film wasn’t on the AFI list, many consider it a classic, and one of Depp’s best acting performances, and one of Burton’s best directing efforts, as well.

Making the occasion even more special, the club enjoyed meeting for a screening of a movie in Rambam Mesivta with the new Smart TV in Room 206. The last film screened in Rambam, besides the Annual Hitchcock Day films, was It’s a Wonderful Life.

The screening began, as always, with the distribution of snacks for the movie while club members found seats. In some cases, the seats have been club members’ “makom kavua” for Classic Film since 9th Grade!

Midway through the movie, a break was taken to enjoy a delicious pizza dinner, courtesy of the Mesivta.

Following the movie, Mr. Hillel Goldman, Associate Principal, led a discussion about the movie and its symbolism, pointing out various parts of the movie that are distinctly characteristic of Tim Burton’s directing style. A brief introduction to “Auteur Theory” was also held, and connections to the film’s critique of “Suburban Ennui” were explored.

We can’t wait for the next movie!