On Tuesday, December 20, for its annual Chanukah Chagigah, Shevach High School was transformed into “Flame” (or was that Fame?), an upscale clothing store. The Shevach chagigah heads – Tehilla Aranov, Gitty Hellman, Devora Trop, and Sarah Wiederkehr – under the direction of Shevach Educational Administrator Mrs. Devorah Kovitz, did an amazing job turning the Multi-Purpose Room into a stunning boutique. While browsing around, the students were treated to a delectable feast featuring doughnuts, latkes, candy, and personalized Flame cookies.

After warm opening words by Shevach Menaheles Mrs. Shulamith Insel, the girls heard a meaningful d’var Torah delivered by Shevach Associate Principal Mrs. Miriam Krohn, who spoke about the message of the dreidel. Mrs. Krohn vividly portrayed how the dreidel represents all the exiles of the Jewish people throughout time. The “dreidel” falls but will surely be picked up at the time of the future redemption. That is why the numerical value of the letters on the dreidel is the same as Mashiach – 358.

The students were then treated to a special activity. The “fame”ous Faigy Wasserman, who on previous occasions has come to Shevach, wowed them once again, this time featuring her latest tap shoes. The girls danced up a storm while clicking away in their taps. The singing and dancing definitely put everyone into the Chanukah spirit, and a great time was had by all.

Yet, the best was yet to come, as all the girls were entered into a raffle to win a gift card to the Fame clothing store on Central Ave. Congratulations to the winner, Shevach Junior Shifra Tchatchanachvili! In the words of the Shevach students, “I think this was one of the ‘funnest’ activities I ever did.” “That was amazing! The decor, the food the dancing...” These were just two of the many positive reviews given. All agreed that the Shevach Chanukah Chagigah 5783 was not only inspiring, but also exciting and impactful.