During the week of November 5, Yeshiva of Central Queens’ JHS students elected their G.O. members. The previous Friday, the students voted for who would make it past the primaries. Four students were elected to campaign for positions. Two boys and two girls ran for sixth-grade representative and seventh grade representative, and, finally, from eighth grade, eight students ran for two Vice Presidents and two Presidents.

The elections began on Monday, when each candidate decorated the hallway walls with creative and humorous posters with their personalized slogans. The posters advertised ideas to make YCQ even better, such as putting vending machines, having a “no homework day” each month, and even breakfast for all students.

Other representatives gave out candy, sweets, and even customized stickers. The candidates campaigned through Wednesday morning when the candidates for president gave their speeches in front of the entire school. The students then voted for the candidates they believed would make excellent G.O. members.

The results came in at the end of the day as the students waited with great anticipation. And the winners were Abigail Badalov and Yaakov Gruza for sixth grade representatives; Adi Havivo and Nate Aranbaiev for seventh grade representatives; Maayan Itzhaky and Aron Cohen for Vice Presidents; and finally, the 2019-2020 YCQ G.O. Presidents are Gabrielle Ruben and Hillel Hativi. Students and faculty are excited to see how our newly elected officials will help our Yeshiva and make school a fun and enjoyable experience.