On Sunday morning, November 10, the fathers of Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe’s seventh grade were invited to spend the morning bonding with their sons in Yeshiva. The morning began at 9:15 with a special seventh grade Shacharis minyan. After the minyan, the fathers and their sons had the opportunity to share breakfast together. Once everyone’s hunger was fully satisfied, the morning moved on to a special introduction to Bar Mitzvah for both fathers and sons. The seventh grade rebbeim invited the fathers to join their sons in class for a special father-son shiur.

Seventh grade is the year when boys start celebrating their friends’ bar mitzvahs. As an introduction to the world of bar mitzvahs, the Yeshiva invited Yossi Newman of Yeshiva Boys Choir to teach dancing techniques to the boys. The boys (and many of the fathers, too) followed Yossi’s lead and were able to fine-tune their dancing skills. A special mazal tov to the seventh grade on the opening of bar mitzvah season.