On October 29 (in WH) and November 4 (in PL), the Middle School held open forums for parents of fifth and sixth graders. Parents heard from Rabbi Hecht and Mrs. Morey about the Judaic and general studies classes. Mrs. Morey also discussed the vast array of clubs that the Middle School offers. Mrs. Hus (Director of Learning Support) and Dr. Levey (Director of Counseling) spoke about their departments and the integral roles they play.

One of the highlights of the night was hearing from a student. This year, the students chosen to speak were Joey Diamond and Tzippora Friedman. They each spoke about their phenomenal experience in our school and focused on the individual attention offered, as well the warmth of the yeshivah. The final component was hearing from a parent’s perspective; Moshe Oppenheim and David & Sarah Gross each offered unique perspectives. Parents were also invited to ask questions to help them get to know each facet of the school a bit better.

We thank all of the speakers and the Diamond and Gross families for hosting.