On Motza’ei Shabbos, November 23, the fourth grade girls participated in the first ever m’laveh malkah at the Yeshiva of Central Queens. The atmosphere was fun-filled and interactive. The program was a Mother-Daughter-Grandmother event. The fourth grade girls made creative art projects with their moms and their grandmothers. Aliza Milchman said, “I loved working on the project with my mom. I did half and she did half.” There was amazing food for the m’laveh malkah and laughter throughout the night.

The night’s guest speaker, Mrs. Amit Yaghoubi, told the girls a moving story of an Israeli soldier on patrol in Israel, captivating the audience throughout her entire speech. Elisheva Schutzman said, “I loved the speech. It was very emotional and moving.” There was silence in the room as Mrs. Yagoubi related the story. “I learned at the m’laveh malkah that whenever I need something, I just have to look to Hashem,” said Ravital Badalov. The theme of the evening was Emunah and how Hashem is always with his people. Yael Avramov noted after the speech: “I realized that even if you think something is bad, you can look to Hashem and you will see that everything is really for the good.”

Being a part of a yeshivah that reminds us of how Hashem is always listening is so important. Life can be very busy, and taking a break to recognize the everyday miracles around us is crucial to a Jewish lifestyle. “I remember one time I didn’t study for my test. So I asked Hashem to please let me pass. I got a 90,” said Abigail Lalhazari.

We need to thank Hashem for everything we have and recognize his presence every chance possible.