What do you get when you add up 2,441 quarters, 3,535 dimes, 2,491 nickels, 12,739 pennies, and some dollar bills thrown in for good measure?

You get the biggest tz’dakah box Bnos Malka has ever seen – and the proof that small amounts add up to a big impact!

Over the past few weeks, Bnos Malka students have been fascinated by the steadily rising level of coins in the school’s makeshift pushka (aka five-gallon water bottle), as they emptied in their home pushkas and spare change.

When the bottle was finally full, a full count revealed a grand total of $1,858.69! Wow, those coins sure added up!

The girls participated in a contest to guess the total amount, and the number of each coin. Mazal tov to our sharp-eyed winners: Aliza Posnick (5th grade) who guessed $1,850 for total money amount. Batsheva Kulangiyev (4) and Tamar Murdakhaev (1) tied for the number of quarters, Avigail Bracha Shalomayev (1), Menucha Fried (1) and Rina Musheyev (1) were the closest guesses for the number of dimes, nickels, and pennies, respectively.