Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe’s first grade celebrated a very exciting milestone: the receiving of their first Chumash. The talmidim, together with their rebbeim, grandparents, and parents, shared this very moving experience at Ner Mordechai / Shaarei Tova on Sunday morning, December 15.

The program began with the boys marching and dancing, adorned in their Torah crowns and ties. Rabbi Bookson welcomed everyone and wished the boys a personal mazal tov on receiving their first Chumash. Rabbi May spoke to the boys about the fact that the Chumash Mesibah is an opportunity for the boys to connect to Sinai, sharing the same Torah experiences with their parents and grandparents.

Rabbi Bookson then led the boys as they recited the p’sukim from the beginning of Parshas VaYikra with the translation. Rabbi Bookson then called up each boy to receive his Chumash from Rabbi May and his rebbe. The program concluded with singing and dancing with musical accompaniment, after which the talmidim joined their grandparents and parents for a beautiful collation.

The Yeshiva thanks the rebbeim for preparing the boys for the Chumash Mesibah, as well as the Milstein, Portnoy, Rada, Sadon, and Roth families for their Chumash sponsorships.