This past week, Mesivta Yam HaTorah imparted a priceless lesson to its students. Oftentimes, people see chesed around them and are beneficiaries of chesed, but at times we take it for granted. To instill the idea of recognizing the chesed and all the work that goes into it, we teamed up with Achiezer.

The boys split up into two groups, one headed to Mercy Hospital and the other to South Nassau Community Hospital. However, these weren’t just bikur cholim visits. Both groups first made their way to Gourmet Glatt to do a shopping run for the bikur cholim rooms at their respective hospitals. They then went to the hospitals where they restocked and cleaned up the rooms, leaving them in tip-top shape for all those who might need to partake of them.

We are proud of our boys and know that this experience will leave a lasting effect on them. Thank you to Achiezer and Gourmet Glatt for making this opportunity a reality.