SKA’s Career Day program, 2020 Vision of Your Future was an exciting opportunity for the students of the Stella K. Abraham High School to begin thinking about their expanding career choices.

“Take the time to consider the numerous professions presented this morning,” Mrs. Bluma Drebin, SKA’s Principal, General Studies, urged in her introduction. The program’s keynote speaker, who is in the luxury clothing line business, shared her personal story and courageous work experiences with the entire student body on Wednesday, January 1. Telling the students to be open to possibilities, dare to make mistakes, and especially own their religious standards, the speaker also told the girls to make choices of when to scale back to achieve a work-life balance. Her messages really resonated with the students who are now beginning to think about their future.

SKA students were also able to hear from highly successful women professionals, many of them SKA graduates, from such fields as finance, law, medicine, real estate, engineering, coding, audiology, marketing, genetic counseling, cosmetology, nursing, graphic design, social work and nutrition, among others. The women shared their challenges and accomplishments with girls who appreciated hearing about the many options available. It’s never too early to think about a future career, the SKA students learned, and several presenters suggested that the girls think about building their skills and leadership roles while still in high school.

In addition to the careers discussed, the girls heard from Dr. Eli Shapiro, Director of the Digital Citizenship Project, who spoke about the risks of social media when applying to schools, seminaries, and jobs; what we do online can really impact us. The interview process was also explored by Chief Brand Officer of M. Gemi, Mrs. Heather Kaminetsky; Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase, Mrs. Dana Frenkel; and Partner, Northeast Region Healthcare Leader, Grant Thornton, Mrs. Tami Radinsky, who, among their many other recommendations, all noted that “first impressions really do matter.”

The morning was filled with enthusiasm and energy! Our thanks go to Ms. Elana Flaumenhaft, SKA’s Associate Principal, who organized this outstanding initiative; Mrs. Corey Katz, College Guidance; the Parent Committee, headed by Mrs. Racheli Laufer, SKA Liaison to the Board; and Mrs. Brina Ganchrow, Mrs. Daniella Graff, Mrs. Tova Keller, Mrs. Alissa Pomerantz; and to the faculty members and parents who assisted in making this day so successful.

The 2020 Vision of Your Future Program really broadened the SKA students’ career aspirations.