Dear Editor: 

The recent article, “Eiruvin Come to Queens,” is one of the most significant articles that you have published, as it shows the importance of frum community members becoming involved in local political and civic organizations before there are problems. Before the Eruv was completed, I remember being confined on Shabbos with my two young children. The Eruv liberated young families to enjoy Shabbos with friends and family.

S. Hollander


Dear Editor:

 What a creative and talented poetess Sharon Marcus is. We look forward each week to her insightful ideas and truths. May her writings be fruitful.

Thank you, Sharon!

 Rivka and Yehuda Gitnik

Dear Editor:

 Warren Hecht lives in an alternate universe. In his last column, he writes, “January 20 cannot come too fast. Meanwhile, we still must deal with the lame duck taking revenge against those who speak the truth and trying to make things difficult for the Biden administration.” He makes it sound like a Biden administration will be all serenity and Messianic-like. Revenge? He thinks President Trump will take keys off the computer keyboards, like Clinton did when George H. W. Bush moved into the White House or worse? It was the Obama administration, whose failed policies on several fronts had to be cleaned up by President Trump. Not to mention all the corruption that took place under Obama.

Let’s start with the nonexistent red line in Syria. While Obama was coddling Islamic terrorists, it was Trump who defeated ISIS. Of course, that leads to the Iran Nuclear Deal, which some credit must be given to former Tennessee Senator Bob Corker (I will not digress further). Instead of loading an extremist nation looking to destroy the State of Israel and the United States of America with pallets of cash in the dead of night, President Trump got out of that bad deal and put crushing sanctions on the Iranian regime to halt any terror plots they may have thought of over these last four years. It also hindered Iran’s ability to obtain a nuclear weapon.

Next, is the Paris Climate Accord. While not a treaty ratified by the Senate, this treaty was supposed to make the United State reliant on solar and wind power, both of which are expensive and inefficient. Thanks to Trump, we got out of that agreement and are watching the fruits of that flourish. We are energy independent; prices are affordable and a gallon of gas is around $2.

Revenge, huh. It was Obama who spied on Trump’s Presidential campaign. Trump did not spy on Biden’s. Trump may be a lot of things, but he wouldn’t dare use federal law enforcement to go after political opponents. Or the media. Yes, Obama did that, too. He had the FBI wiretap several journalists, including James Rosen, formerly of Fox News.

And let us not forget the Lois Lerner scandal. She was the head of the IRS’ 501(c)(3) department. She unlawfully targeted conservative organizations and was brought in front of Congress, where she pleaded the Fifth. Another beauty was the Fast and Furious scandal, where a border patrol agent was shot dead by the very guns the Obama administration gave to the Mexican cartels.

All these same actors are coming back. Yes, Biden will be the next President, but make no mistake; President Trump is leaving behind a better world than when he got it. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up a second time.

Wake up, Mr. Hecht, from your dream.

 Daniel Grossman
Woodmere, New York

Dear Editor:

 After the past four years, I think Warren Hecht owes the readers of the Queens Jewish Link an explanation of what hanaah he receives from his “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Because surely the vast majority of caring Jews support President Trump with his efforts to battle the absolutely unprecedented level of voter fraud perpetuated by the constantly corrupt Democratic Party machine. And then Mr. Hecht can just go back to his consistent kvetching about the most pro-Jewish US President of all time.

 Choni Herschel Kantor
Kew Gardens

Dear Editor:

This Week’s Headlines

“Iranian nuclear scientist shot, dies from COVID-related gunshot wounds”

“Not good: Biden seen reading The Presidency for Dummies

“Breaking: Trump finally approves transition to second term”

“Breaking: Biden selects Bernie Sanders for Secretary of Agriculture due to his experience with food lines”

“Kim Jong-un receives International Emmy Award for his outstanding human rights record”

“In last-ditch effort to save his presidency, Trump signs executive order making himself president for life”

“Andrew Cuomo’s latest bid to attract senior citizens to relocate from Florida to New York: ‘We have the best nursing homes in the country’”

“Louis Farrakhan to hold discussion panel on how to fight racism”

“Study finds connection between not taking Common Core and knowing how to count”

“Breaking: Biden selects Ilhan Omar for US Ambassador to the UN due to her experience with anti-Semitism”

“Study shows link between politicians supporting lockdowns and never losing a penny of their salary”

“Planned Parenthood names Andrew Cuomo new CEO due to his experience with ending human life”

“Local rabbi says election even greater miracle than Chanukah – oil only lasted for eight days, election lasted over three weeks”

 Rafi Metz

Dear Editor:

 I would like to respond to Warren Hecht’s column in las week’s issue. He basically states that the election was perfect and anyone who alleges fraud is either in denial or mentally ill. My answer is: “Speak for yourself.” Here are the facts. Trump was off to major victory on November 3, 2020, when suddenly the counting in key swing states was terminated. It resumed at 4:00 a.m. with a large number of mail-in votes for Biden. This resulted in a major reversal and a “win” for Biden. This is more than suspicious. Many mathematical experts and others have testified to fraud. I would just like to bring forward some basic facts.

Fact #1: Biden fared much more poorly than Hillary Clinton in 2016 in all districts, with the exception of four heavily Democratic ones. In those districts, the numbers were unreasonably high. He not only outperformed Obama by a 2:1 margin, he outperformed everyone in history.

Fact #2: The mail-in ballots have about a 3% rejection ratio. In those districts, the rejection ratio was about .04%.

Fact #3: Republicans were prevented from observing the counting of the mail in ballots. I wonder why.

Fact #4: The Democrats are preventing an audit of the mail-in ballots. Again, I wonder why.

There are many other statistical abnormalities and testimony of fraud. The left has responded by threatening to prosecute anyone who questions the election fraud. This sounds like Communist China. Everyone must call Republican senators and other elected officials and demand an audit. If we are quiet now, we might be forced to be quiet later. We must make our voices heard!

 Martin Berkowitz