This past week, the third grade talmidos of Bnos Malka Academy held their annual Rashi Breakfast. After the students complete learning “Rashi script,” they celebrate the momentous occasion with a special breakfast. The students were privileged to hear first from Rabbi Weichselbaum, the Menahel, speak about his experiences walking in Rashi’s footsteps literally. He described how special his visit to the city of Worms was.

After dining on a delicious breakfast, the students went on a scavenger hunt searching for Rashi letters, which they then had to transform into a phrase they had already learned from Chumash or Y’dios Klaliyos. Next, each student decorated a beautiful picture frame displaying each girl’s name written in Rashi letters. It is amazing how creative our students are! The handmade keepsakes are sure to be treasured for years to come. At the conclusion of the exciting morning, the students were reminded that now the real work begins. Mrs. Babad, assistant principal of the lower grades, explained, “Baruch Hashem, our students are well on their way to learning to extrapolate Rashi’s question and delving into the answer as well. We congratulate them on reaching this important milestone in their learning, and wish them many years of inspiration and growth from learning the words of Rashi.”