MTA talmidim, rebbeim, and faculty had a blast during virtual Color War on Thursday, May 14! Seniors dominated as the Blue Team, with a theme of Kibud Av VaEim, Juniors crushed it as the Red Team with a theme of Zachor V’Shamor, Sophomores fought hard as the Green Team with a theme of Torah, and Freshmen experienced their first-ever MTA Color War as the Yellow Team with a theme of Achdus. The entire day was jam-packed with exciting activities, games, and competitions. From Shiur vs. Shiur Jeopardy to Sports Trivia, Minute To Win It, Toilet Paper Bowling, Free-Throw Contest, Biathlon, Torah Bowl, Chopped, and a Yeshivah-Wide Kahoot, every talmid had an opportunity to participate and contribute his unique skills to his team. Teams also worked together on creative challenges throughout the day, which included creating a Rube-Goldberg machine, an MTA/Color War-themed crossword puzzle, a cross-screen video consisting of nine different screens, and a comical play-by-play video voiceover. The day ended with final presentations from each team, which consisted of a musical presentation, poetry slam, art, and a d’var Torah. “The tremendous sense of achdus among our entire yeshivah was incredible,” said Head of School Rabbi Joshua Kahn. “It was inspiring to watch our talmidim work together and create such innovative presentations, even though they weren’t in the same physical space. Our Student Activities Department, our faculty, and our talmidim not only adapted to the ‘new normal’ of a virtual Color War, but they really thrived and made this a truly memorable experience.” Congratulations to the Sophomores, who brought home the win!