An incredible feeling of achdus and warmth was felt by the entire Bnos Malka family at our end-of-the-year drive-through on Sunday morning. After being greeted by a huge Sky Dancer, each girl received a can of lemonade from the G.O. girls, who were all dressed up in their adorable lemonade booth!

Cars then continued on to bid a farewell to the caring and dedicated teachers of Bnos Malka. Each teacher gave her students a beautiful package, filled with items related to the theme of the year. It was incredible to see the smiling faces of our girls as they were able to say a personal goodbye to the teachers they missed so much!

As each family passed under a huge balloon arch that said “Miss you, BMA,” they were greeted by the Bnos Malka administration. The principals threw each car a beach ball with the BMA logo and a message, and gave each girl a heartfelt goodbye. An incredible morning was had by all, and both parents and students were so happy to be part of such a warm and dedicated school. A tremendous thank you goes to the Bnos Malka PA for sponsoring much of the event.