Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation (RCRF) celebrated its 26th Annual Commemoration Dinner for Rachel Imeinu’s Yahrzeit of 11 MarCheshvan, on Sunday, October 25, at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center in Brooklyn. (L-R) Keynote Speaker Rabbi Etan Tokayer, mara d’asra of Kingsway Jewish Center; Author, Artist, and Illusionist Rabbi Yonah Weinrib, who created the beautiful Awards, displayed by Honorees and Presenters; Sparks Next Video Producer Danny Finkelman, whose award-winning videos, “Rachel’s Children” – in collaboration with Evelyn Haies – and “Mira,” both written and composed by Cecelia Margules, were shown, Actualist Award; Perennial Master of Ceremonies Dr. Paul Brody, displaying the Brooklyn Borough President’s Proclamation of “Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu, Jewish Mother’s Day in Brooklyn;” Evelyn Haies, Founder and President, RCRF; Blogger Robin Ticker, presenter, Memorial Recognition for Helen Freedman a”h, Co-Executive Director, AFSI; and Margot Bayroff, presenter of Memorial Recognition for her father, Bruce Bayroff, Esq. z”l. COVID-19 precautions, such as wearing masks, social distancing, and limited attendance, were strictly observed.

Photo Credit: Deborah Scop