The new BYQ Rosh Chodesh Initiative, entitled “Double in a Bubble,” was introduced on Tuesday, Rosh Chodesh Kislev. The purpose of the program is to counteract some of the feelings of isolation that the students are experiencing due to social distancing, Plexiglas, and mask-wearing. The program is based on the pasuk in Koheles, “Tovim ha’shnayim min ha’echad – Two are better than one.” Although each class is in its “class bubble” and practicing distancing guidelines, a different fun and exciting activity will be done each Rosh Chodesh in pairs (“double”) to encourage camaraderie, partnership, sharing, and caring.

To introduce the program, a witty video entitled, “The Cat in the Mask Is Back!” was shown on the SmartBoards. The outstanding production was written and directed by our talented seventh grade morah, Tehilla Ben-Ari. Mrs. Nechama Jurkowitz, limudei kodesh principal, addressed the students, outlining the new Rosh Chodesh initiative, while stressing the importance of adding fun into the BYQ curriculum. Following the video, students were given partners. Each student received a Cat in the Hat pencil and used it to write a complimentary card to her partner.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 (eighth grade students Gita Davidowitz and Yehudis Meltzer) went around to visit the classrooms and read a poem about the “Double in a Bubble” program. All in all, the girls had a great time and are looking forward to next month’s Rosh Chodesh activity!