Mandatory masks are perfectly aligned with the theme of SKA’s MASKARADE BALL held on Wednesday evening, February 24.

Social distancing and the many precautions taken to ensure safety enabled this year’s Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls’ Purim chagigah to be a secure evening of fun and merrymaking. Held in HALB’s elementary school with ninth and tenth grades attending the first time period, and 11th and 12th grades in the second, the Ball was a huge hit for both the student body and staff. Girls outfitted in their fanciest attire danced in their seats to the electrifying music and ruach of “(I Move WIth) Naz” and laughed at the comic Purim spiel. The faculty Purim video shown in school earlier in the day was especially entertaining, as were the outfits the teachers and administrators wore to the chagigah.

Throughout Purim week, the Yom Tov spirit was clear to see, as girls dressed in different costumes with brightly colored wigs each day. Taanis Esther, Thursday, February 24, became a day of chesed, as SKA students delivered mishloach manos that they had prepared to people in the community who would appreciate it the most.

It was a very freilichen Purim at SKA in so many ways!