It is time to unleash your inner beauty. Sova Salon and Spa in Kew Gardens Hills is a secret neighborhood gem offering every possible salon service imaginable. Are you a working mom, a homemaker, or a retired grandmother looking to spruce up your look? Sova Salon is the perfect destination for the everyday woman. Elina Pinkhasova, proprietor of the independent family-owned-and-operated salon, brings years of high-end experience to the busy Main Street business corridor. Sova is the answer to Jewish women yearning to support another Jewish woman just like themselves. Elina lives right here in Kew Gardens Hills and understands the busy life of a working mom well, as she strives to give her two young sons a wholesome frum upbringing. Her family regularly attends Rabbi Rafael Zavulunov’s Congregation Ohr HaTorah, where they grow in Torah and mitzvot.

Stop by Sova and indulge in the ultimate personalized relaxation experience with their array of luxurious spa and skin services in calming, stress-free surroundings. Their highly-skilled therapists offer a range of customized treatments that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and your body feeling completely relaxed. From customized facials that have recently been introduced to Swedish and deep-tissue body massages to help exfoliate, Sova has everything you need to pamper yourself and restore your inner glow with a renewed and refreshed look.

Elina brings over a dozen years of expertise to her shop. She opened Signature Style on the Upper West Side when she was just 21 and handled all kinds of clients, from everyday Jewish women to producers and celebrities. Success breeds success, and Elina’s second venture, Signature Styles East, on 88th Street and 3rd Avenue on the Upper East Side, brought a whole new clientele. But the desire to raise her family brought Elina to sell her prized salons shortly before the pandemic took hold. Today, Elina and her trained technicians seek to provide our community with quick and painless beautifying experiences. From shaping and defining eyebrows to hair-free skin, Sova is the answer for your beauty needs.

Sova offers effortless waxing, lash fillers, and a variety of manicures including classic, powder, long-lasting gel, and now the sought-after intricate Russian manicures too! Enjoy absolute seclusion and modesty behind a high walled mechitzah as you have your hair color done and experience a simultaneous deluxe spa pedicure ensuring that every moment spent on yourself is used to the max. Your hands and skin will feel smoother and appear brighter and more youthful by the time you run back to your busy schedule.

Sova’s Signature hairstyles are designed to meet your everyday needs. From highlights to shadowing and color correction, Elina and her staff will see to your every need and use the best tools to help you reach your hair goals. Do you have curly hair? Now, with an on-staff curls expert, Sova brings modern techniques to maximize styling and bring out your confidence. They also are fully stocked with European wigs.

Visit Sova for advice and guidance on the best methods to change up your look and make a lasting impression as you uncover a stunning new version of yourself. Don’t forget to ask about acupuncture and Botox options.

Elina’s passion and talent is unmatched and her warm, friendly, and welcoming salon will be your home away from home. You will leave the tranquil haven of Sova empowered and feeling gorgeous, inside, and out with the knowledge that the most innovative trends are at your fingertips.

There is no time like now, so book your appointment and be transformed.

Elina received an extensive education at LIBS in New York City and studied coloring with Elizabeth Arden Salon that took her cross-country, where she experienced all types of client needs.

By Shabsie Saphirstein