HANC High School students participated in a yom iyun program and siyum dedicated to the theme of Attitude of Gratitude right before Pesach break. The entire morning was a huge success.

The morning started off with words of inspiration from the keynote speaker, Mr. Charlie Harary, with a wonderful story about hakaras ha’tov. Mr. Harary highlighted that the only way to succeed is to “get out of your comfort zone and be grateful for what you have.”

Following the talk, the students attended different teacher-led workshops discussing an attitude of gratitude. In each workshop the students thought of something they were thankful for and made a list of all the people who allowed it to happen (e.g., for coffee that we drink, the people who grow the beans). Students then wrote thank you letters to one of the people who helped make those things happen. Each student then wrote something they were thankful for on a Post-it note and stuck it onto the Gratitude Graffiti wall for everyone to see in the second-floor hallway.

A second workshop allowed students to look at five things from different perspectives by viewing an original HANC faculty-student Attitude of Gratitude video.

Mrs. Schali Chrein was the invited guest speaker for the girls to facilitate this session. All program participants received a dry-erasable magnetic keepsake and pen to use on a daily basis, so that they can express what they are grateful for each day.

At the culmination of the event, the entire high school gathered in the gym for a siyum l’zeicher nishmas HANC’s beloved Dean Emeritus, Rabbi Moshe Gottesman z”l. Mrs. Gottesman and son, Mr. Shlomo Gottesman, attended the siyum, which was organized by Rabbi Shimon Chrein. Ari Levine (’16), who is in the IDF and is home visiting for Pesach, was m’sayeim.

The yom iyun, which reflected on an Attitude of Gratitude, was very successful. It inspired all participants to look at life and notice the good and be grateful for all that they have.

A huge hakaras ha’tov goes to Director of Religious Life Mrs. Nomi Zanjirian for spearheading and organizing this wonderful event. We are grateful to Mrs. Carole Tabin and Family for sponsoring the day in memory of beloved husband and father Mr. Harvey Tabin z”l.