In a year when most were certain that a production would not take place, Shevach High School did not disappoint. Their production of The Bamboo Cradle on Sunday, March 7, yielded rave reviews from the audience.

Directed by the Shevach Principal, Rebbetzin Rochelle Hirtz, and Shevach Alumnae Menucha Avruch and Tehila Hecht, the production included an engaging drama interspersed with a choir, dances, and ensembles. Each act was professional in its presentation. And even more impressive was the fact that the entire production was only three weeks in the making! Costumes, music, stage management, and playbill all ran smoothly, in the deft hands of the Shevach High School students, from the beginning to the very end.

The Bamboo Cradle is the moving true story of a baby that was abandoned in a Chinese train station and adopted by a secular Jewish couple, who ultimately converted her. Their journey from unaffiliated Judaism to Orthodox Judaism was portrayed in a poignant manner that captivated the audience. The original theme song clearly gave the message of “Be proud of who you are; you’ve already come so far.”

The play was performed in Shevach’s tent, which was creatively transformed into a playhouse: stage, curtains, and all. The play was presented twice in order to accommodate more mothers in a COVID-safe environment. Mothers also had the choice of watching the production from home through a livestream option. Both performances were sold out productions, and were thoroughly enjoyed by the audiences.

Kudos to Shevach Senior production heads Bracha Mirsky, Shana Rowe, and Rina Steinberg, and all the Shevach sub-heads, for a job superbly done! The Shevach students once again shone in their ability to juggle their learning responsibilities together with a creative and fun-filled outlet.