In a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise and Jewish values are under attack, the Jewish community of New York is glad to see that Brooklyn Borough President and mayoral candidate Eric Adams is leading the polls to become mayor of New York.

Adams is the only candidate who has repeatedly proven himself as a friend and protector of the Jewish community. During his thirty years in public service — as a police officer, a senator, borough president — Adams has always been there for the Jewish community. Now, more than ever, Jews are grateful to see a politician who understands their needs, understands their way of life, and respects their values.  

When Jewish education was under attack, Adams is the only candidate to come out and say that, not only will he protect Jewish education, but he will also fight anyone who opposes it.

With anti-semitism on the rise, Adams, a strong supporter of Israel and religious freedom, was quick, to condemn the violence and hatred. When he heard about the recent assault against a religious Jew in Times Square, he changed his campaign schedule so that he could go down to the scene himself. “We have zero tolerance for hate in New York,” he told the press. “Every New Yorker, regardless of race or religion, deserves to feel safe in our City.” Adams also called the assault victim personally to check on his recovery and assure him that he would take action to stop it from happening again.

To Adams, it’s not only a promise. His reputation backs every commitment he makes to improve the city.

Time and again, he has shown his support for the safety and lifestyle of Jews. Leaders of the Jewish community know that Adams’ door is always open. He’s there to support local business, a stronger economy, religious freedom, and community values. Local Jews are reassured to know that their friendship with Adams will be strengthened and expanded when he takes the helm as the next mayor of New York City.